Bob Dylan & The Band – The Basement Tapes Raw – Bootleg Series Vol.11

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3-LP/2CD-Box 88875016131 Columbia/Legacy D 2014

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this is the 1st case in the Bootleg-series that the vinyl-edition differs from the CD-box-set. What you have here are the core-recordings of the most famous private-session taking place in the summer of 1967 in „Big Pink“ in Saugherties, NY with Bob Dylan & The Band just playing along old Americana & a few new songs Dylan wrote that summer, all in their original beauty without the 1975-overdubs. The cover lists most versions as unreleased, alternate or restored (hence the title „Raw“) with only 3 previous released songs („Santa-Fe“, „Im Not There“ & „Minstrel Boy“). Over all you’d have 38 of the 138 songs on the CD-Box-set. All 3 records come on 180 gr.vinyl & in seperate covers plus 60-p-LP-size-booklet plus 2 CDs with the same songs.

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The Basement Tapes Raw – Bootleg Series Vol.11


88875016131 Columbia/Legacy