Bob Dylan & The Band – Live 1966 – The Royal Albert Hall Concert

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2LP-Box CK2-65759-1 Columbia/Legacy US 1999

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THE (unfortunately deleted) album of 1999 & a prime example for the stupidity of major record-labels: 1st it took Columbia 33 years to release the best ever Dylan-recordings, then they did it on CD-only first and when they finally decided for a vinyl-issue they leased the tapes to a small US-High-End-company instead of doin‘ it themselves, which makes it a very small limited pressing run. This is the main reason why this album is so hard to obtain on vinyl. The reason for the price is due to a deluxe-box-set with single album sleeves for each record & a 40 p.LP-size book with tons of unreleased pictures that’s telling the whole story (without mentioning the embarrassing label-policy of Columbia of cause!!) which is worth the price alone. On top of that you’re gettin‘ the complete acoustic & electric set including 1 previously unreleased track of the (actually Manchester) concert in absolutely brilliant stereo(!!)-sound-quality on 200 gr.vinyl. So forget all muffling bootlegs & get this R&R-milestone while it lasts ‚cause these are the recordings that place Mr.Dylan in Rock-heaven more than anything else he did!! Absolutely mindblowin‘ & essential!!!

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Live 1966 – The Royal Albert Hall Concert


CK2-65759-1 Columbia/Legacy