The Vertigo Swirl Label

Ulrich Klatte did it again: 2 years after his excellent German Rock/Krautrock-discography “Cosmic Price Guide” he’s offering the most comprehensive discography yet of the most collectable Progressive label Vertigo. Wherever in the world there was a release on the infamous swirl-label, this book not only list them nearly all (including singles) on 160 pages but also picture most of them in 4-colour-prints. And not only the frontcovers but also the backsides and in some cases even the inner parts of the foldouts and of course all extras like posters! Like it’s predecessor it has a hardback with reading-sign. You’re gonna find both books in the “books & zines”-section for 33.- € (Cosmic Price Guide” and 26.- € (The Vertigo Swirl Label)