Shadoks News

Shadoks – the german label for deluxe-reissues – strikes again: All these titles are just in and can be ordered:

Freedom’s Children – 3-LP-Box

After several single reissues of their 3 albums here’s finally a deluxe-box-set containing all 3 groundbreaking releases by this Psychedelic/Heavy-Progressive-monster from Durban/South Africa. This comes complete with original cover-artwork and an elaborate band-history. For all still hesitating: this is definitely MUST-HAVE-STUFF!! ‘Cause without any doubt Freedom’s Children belong to the pinnacle of these musical genres!!


Days – Same

The debut by danish Progressive-rockers from Copenhagen on the infamous private Spectator-label. A typical product of the time with strong organ/guitar parts a bit in Procol Harum vein. English vocals.


Amanaz – Africa

Here’s one for those who think they know everything at all: a totally unknown Garage/Westcoast-Tribal Stomp from Zambia with some heavy fuzz-guitar and english/native vocals. This was released 1975 and though the cover looks pretty traditional it takes only a few spins and you know this is something else. Some rhythmic pattern identify it as african but this is far from your usual Afro-Funk! A real surprise!


Blues Addicts – Same

Straight and down to earth fuzzy Bluesrock from Denmark. In fact, this sounds so pure that some even called it Garagerock! Definitely too crude to have more releases than this debut on Spectator! Originals are even rarer than the other 3 rock-releases on the label (Days/Terje, Jesper & Joachim/Moses).


Les Temps Heureux – En Ces Jours

The Happy Times – In Those Days: a french Folk-Quartet with some nice sinister compositions (6 with english/2 with french vocals) heralded again as Acid-Folk, like so many similar albums but Folk(rock) with real-people-touch would do it more justice. Originally released as demo-pressing only, so forget to find an original!


Question Mark – Be Nice To The People

Another one for those who think they have everything: totally unknown Fuzz-Garage with african rhythms from Kenia (Obama-country!!).Released in 1974 but sounds much older though. The right stuff for those who dig The Witch from Zambia or BLO from Nigeria.


The Contents Are – Through You

Exact reissue of an ultrarare Folkrock/Westcoast-album with strong harmony-vocals from Iowa. Forget about originals as there’s only 100 copies made. But if you like the Beau Brummels, Daily Flash, early Love or Music Emporium this is your trip! Original songs only, no covers!

Instant Orange – Same

A double containing nearly the complete output of this virtually unknown band from San Bernardino/California. It’s basically Folkrock in Byrds/Buffalo Springfield vein but with the occasional longer Psych-track complete with organ and fuzz-guitar thrown in like the band recorded them in their later (!) years. Even though Instant Orange had a couple of releases at the time nobody noticed ‘cause they were all limited at 100 copies a piece!

Terje, Jesper & Joachim – Same


For some the quintessence of Danish Bluesrock, the debut of this 3-piece is certainly a great example of the Garage-Bluesrock on the infamous Spectator label. No frills and absolutely down to the earth!

All Shadoks-releases are limited to 450 copies only. Most have inlets and Blues Addicts comes on white vinyl. All have heavy 180 gram vinyl and ultra-heavy US-style covers.