Milwaukee – The Reunion Recordings

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this is a project by an old friend of mine that was actually more than 35 years in the pipe. When Milwaukee from Viersen/D disbanded in 1982 they only left behind a legacy as a brilliant bluesy/jazzy Westcoast-band but unfortunately never released any recordings. Then in 2017 the former members met again, decided to reunite their old band although the members live in various parts of Germany nowadays. With the help of the reknowned jazz-singer/songwriter Lucy Malheur, sax-player Stefan Koch, The Voices Of Spring (Beate and Thomas Jacobs), sax-player Greg Torunski and horn-section Markus Salzburg and Dieter Schreier they recorded some of their old songs (partly at their reunion-concert in October 2018) and released this CD. Musically it’s still in their old refined Westcoast-style reminiscing Steely Dan, Allman Brothers, Santana or Al Jarreau. This album fits perfectly to a relaxed sunny Sunday afternoon and though it’s basically a private release it has a perfect production you would usually find on much more expensive projects. Comes in a digipak with 8 p.-booklet telling the whole story of the band and this reunion.

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The Reunion Recordings


4251351-606663 Zoundr