Radio Birdman

Music ain’t just records. That’s why I’d like to use this space from time to time to recommend some special concert-events.

In October of last year the Australian Detroit-Metal-legend Radio Birdman played a couple of gigs in Germany after 2003 and 2006, even though most of you probably missed it (‘cause there was nearly no publicity for these gigs). Luckily German TV-show “Rockpalast” filmed one of those concerts. But not just one amongst others but probably THE best concert of the tour. What the band played that evening at the Underground in Cologne was reference-quality and the best concert I saw by them ever. Also because the sound that evening was perfect – something you couldn’t really say of some previous shows. This was remarkable ‘cause they lost an important sound-characteristic due to the loss of their keyboarder & founding-member Pip Hoyle (he quit ‘cause his son died last year). But the band easily made up for this with precision and speed. A musical lesson for all Johnny-come-latelies! Who doesn’t believe me could watch on January 29, the night from Sunday to Monday, at 0.15 MEZ on German-TV WDR 3 that Radio Birdman is one of the last surviving big Detroit-Metal bands. And there aren’t that many left since even the Hellacopters split!

After the Birdman-show you’d get another 20 minutes by a new German Garage band from Nuremberg/Berlin called Dr.Norton. They really took their chances! Also very much recommended!!

You’re gonna find Radio Birdman in the “Psychedelia/ Garage-Rock since 1980“-, “Psychedelia/Garage-Rock/Punk-Singles since 1980“- and “CDs“-sections.